The Central Texas Food Bank, formally the Capital Area Food Bank, is the largest hunger relief organization in Central Texas. In fiscal years 13-14 and 14-15 when I was working on the brand they brought in more than $67 million in public support and revenue each year, and distributed nearly 30 million and 34 million pounds of food respectively. 


Capital Area Food Bank Branding 

I joined the Central Texas Food Bank, formally known as the Capital Area Food Bank, in the winter of 2013. I was excited to work for a larger non-profit with more resources, and jumped in to making sure all of their communications were aligned to the brand. As often happens in non-profits who don't have a designer on staff, there was a lot of materials from programs and operations departments that didn't use the right fonts,colors or imagery and weren't approved by marketing. In my two years working on the brand I updated all client and partner facing materials,  refreshed donor and volunteer communications to better reflect the organization, and at times stepped in to do e-mail campaigns, update the website and create content. I even learned a new skill and produced all of the videos for the Food Bank for a time before we hired someone with a video background. Most importantly, I created buy-in from departments organization wide about the importance of including marketing in the planning and design of all external communications. That last bit was crucial to a smooth rebrand that put the Central Texas Food Bank at the forefront of Austin non-profits.

Donor & Client facing collateral 

I designed most external facing communications for the Food Bank, including print, outdoor and digital advertising as well as donor, volunteer, partner and client facing collateral. This included everything from small hunger fact and donor anniversary cards, to food safety posters detailing shelf life for our partners.  

Annual report

I worked in a supporting role on the first annual report done during my tenor, and took over the design on the final two. Making numbers come to life by pairing them with graphics and stories is a fun challenge, but non-traditional annual reports are even better.